ColorNeg Plugin


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Does anyone else use ColorNeg for black and white scans.

I have been trying out the ColorNeg by ColorPerfect plugin for Photoshop.

Although I am only using the demo version which contains annoying watermarks, I am really unable to see any difference from converting the negative to a positive in the scanner software


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I've used it for quite awhile now. After many years of trying to coax Epson Scan, VueScan, and Silverfast Ai into providing what, for me, are acceptable scans I happened to stumble on to this plugin after reading a forum thread somewhere. My favorite scanning software, and the one that I think generates the best scans (based on personal testing), is Silverfast Ai; albeit with a caveat. And, that caveat is that it always seems to produce too much contrast for my taste. I tried nearly all the built-in profiles, tweaking all parameters myself, etc, but still couldn't contain the dynamic range as I wanted it. ColorNeg allows me to read a raw scan and tweak things like raw converter software. I won't say it's an easy plugin to come to grips with, but once you've mastered it you'll be generating beautiful full-scale, sharp scans every time (given a decent neg, of course.)

Personally, I couldn't scan film any other way now.