Processing B&W 5x4 in China

Christopher John Holmes

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My daughter is going to Chongqing in China for a year and would like to take her Intrepid 5x4, does anyone know how easy or if at all possible it is to buy film and chemicals out there. She could probably take film with her but chemicals (packets of white powder) probably not a good idea to travel with these.

Ian Grant

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LF film is made in China, I'm not sure if ERA is still made but Shanghai GP3 sheet film is still available and there's also imported film. Can't help with a store for chemistry but a good place to ask is one of the expat sites like Chongqing Expat Club. I've flown a few times with powdered and liquid chemistry.

Photography is very popular in china, I had my portrait taken a week yesterday in Oxford by a Chinese film photographer.