Protect Shadows & Highlights With Silverfast


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Due to the way in which the consumable flat bed scanners work like the Epson V range, it can be quite easy to loose the detail we have especially in the highlight values. One option which is often over looked in the Silverfast package is the ability to limit both the high and low values.

Limiting High and Low Values

Open the Negafix dialog and press the advanced option icon (second from left next to the ? )

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 21.53.05.jpg

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 21.53.15.jpg

Un-tick the Auto checkbox and pull the Highlight slider down a touch to prevent from going to pure white (RGB 255,255,255).

Pushing the Shadows slider up will prevent the blacks from going to pure black (RGB 0,0,0,)
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Hello Ian,

Though I've used various versions of Silverfast for 16 years, I've never really liked the profiles provided by Negafix and, for most cases, find that the software delivers too much contrast. Perhaps, your solution is what I need. I will definitely check it out.

However, if you really want to control your highlights/shadows and everything in between you may want to look into ColorPerfect ( and do raw scans with Silverfast. I'm a total convert to ColorPerfect, since I started using it about one year ago.