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As most of us may know, View Camera ceased publication as a paper magazine a little while ago. It inspired mixed opinions but as it seemed to be the only magazine on LF photography, it was to be cherished. It provided a great deal of useful information, some remarkable images and its passing was a regret.
Today I tried to log on the the website and discovered this message:

"NOTICE: This domain name expired on 6/25/2017 and is pending renewal or deletion."


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I think they also did a PDF version. Wonder if anyone has them in a set to share providing we are not breaking any copyright rules

David M

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I think we might have missed the boat here. There were downloadable articles on the website but Steve did say that it would close eventually. I know nothing about copyright, but if anyone has downloaded anything, perhaps we might share them privately rather than publish them on the web. We should certainly respect intellectual property. Simply appropriating Steve's written work would be as bad as stealing his images.
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Stephen Batey

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If I remember correctly (as a former subscriber) the magazine was available in either paper or downloadable form - I went with paper, which I think was the only option at the time. The earlier issues were more to my taste than the more recent ones, and I let my subscription slide.

When I was a subscriber, I had access to the website for downloading articles, and I find that in 2014 (if the computer date stamp is correct) I downloaded 29 articles of interest. That's articles, not issues.

Ian Grant

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The downloads are Copyright technivcally. I subscribed for a time while living in Turkey and recieved the access codes for each copy but they were a pain to download as you had to access each article individually.

The owner was not a businessman, issues would be late, communications were poor, except he had an exceptionally good girl/woman running his office and she was the exact opposite.