Back to film again and the darkroom


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I’m a music photographer which means I shoot a lot of live events primarily on digital. It’s a very fast moving environment to work in and I love the buzz I get from being in the moment with the band albeit from behind a lens. I’m forever looking to try new things and new ideas and I recently took the leap into large format 4x5.

I bought an Intrepid 4x5 mk4 recently at the Birmingham photo show and also rejoined my local darkroom in Bristol. I’ve put both to good use already. I’m loving the change in pace from my live event photography.

Having already developed (no pun intended) good relationships with musicians in Bristol, I threw myself into a new project to document some of them for an exhibition that I’m planning later this year. The project is called The Kingsdown Lowdown and the name comes from the fact that I’ll be shooting all portraits in the Kingsdown area of Bristol, which is one of my favourite parts of the city.

So a new tool, a new project and an exhibition are the changes I’m embracing this year.

Here’s a picture that I printed on 16x20 Ilford Warmtone on Sunday.


I’m using a Stearman Press SP-445 tank for processing my sheet film, and it’s working out really well.