Bonjour! Hello!


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A short line to say hello.

I am an expat, living in France.

Been interested in photography on and off throughout my life but found myself increasingly drawn away from smaller formats to LF ( 5x4 or 4x5 as it is known out here!!)

I consider myself very much a beginner in the field of LF even though I have had some experience.

Like most photographers, I strive to obtain good results, however I accept learning curves, many of which can be quite severe, and as such I take my errors / mistakes as part of a long learning process which imo never ends.

I hope to be an active member on here, both to learn from the experience of the veterans of LF and to offer advice as, if and when I may be able to do so…..

David M

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One thing about LF photographers is that they seem to carry on being beginners, however much they may already know, so you are not alone.


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Welcome, Bonjour !
I'm sure you will enjoy this new horizon of skills and technic coming to you.
The quality you can have from the smallest LF camera is just stunning.

You won't be disappointed.