Chemical ratio chart

John Shiell

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I used to have a printed ratio chart up on the wall of my darkroom for all my chemicals. It was just an easy view on trying to determine the amounts. It was for 1 litre of mixed chemical. Sadly it has been destroyed.
Does anyone out there know where I can download this chart.

Ian Grant

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I've never seen a Chart but then most of the chemistry I use is simple and logical quantities like !+9, 1+19, or 1+1 to 100.

I never used the 1+50 for Rodinal to be literal, actually mixing 1+49 which is one part developer diluted to make 50, so 20ml dev to make 1 litre.

You can use a spreadsheet to do more complex ratios and make your own chart for the chemicals you use.


James T

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Here is a PDF version of the spreadsheet that I use mainly for 1-shot developers.
(The forum does not appear to allow .xls or .ods files, so I can't upload an editable version)


David M

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Massive Dev Chart will do this. When you've chosen film and developer, it will calculate amounts for your required volume.