Church Project

martin henson

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An ongoing project of Churches and their grounds around my locality, I used a Zero45 pinhole camera for this at differing focal lengths, the film used was Fuji Acros and developed in Pyrocat HD. I used a handheld meter allowing time for decent shadow rendition and applying the exposure calculation to the pinhole size in use plus any adjustments for reciprocity failure.


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David M

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You're doing a grand job there. Not just good individual images but a good set, too. Well done.

Ian Grant

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Usually I find pinhole images rather boring, and Holga images much the same. However Martin your pinhole images are an exception, excellent work.

As David's pointed out it really shows the benefits of making coherent project based work as well.



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Very good indeed Martin! This gives me some inspiration for trying out the pinhole lens board that I have for my Intrepid 4x5...