Couple of 10x8 B&Ws


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Hello everyone,
I'm new here but have been exposing film on 10x8 for 18 months now. Here are a couple of recent 10x8 images from this Covid period, with technical info. More on my website :)

Pink Clematis Argytotype

Original exposure details:
25th April 2020 3:15pm
Chamonix 810V
Nikkor-W 300 f/5.6
Ilford FP4+ 8x10
760mm bellows extension, with extension board
(Working distance 550mm)
1min 20 seconds f/16

Stearman SP810 tray, Pyrocat HD 2:2:100, 12’, 21ºC
Acetic acid stop, TF-4 Fix, Hypoclear, wash, Ilfotol rinse

31st May 2020, afternoon
28ºC, relative humidity 45%
3ml Fotospeed Argyrotype sensitizer + 1 drop of let-down Tween 20, Bergger Cot320 11x14" paper
Paper dried for approx 30 mins before exposure.
Exposure time 8'15" in full sun, Lotus 12x16" frame
5mins wash in 1.5l distilled water + squeeze lemon juice
5mins wash in 1.5l tap water
3mins wash in 2% hypo (4.5tbps to 1.5l tap water)
1 hour final soak (30mins face down, 30mins face up) in 3l tap water. Dried on clothes rack for a few hours, then dried for 2 days under boards (usually a week, but unseasonably hot weather!)

With the Rushes

Otmoor RSPB, Oxfordshire, 7th June 2020, 5pm
Chamonix 810V, Rodenstock Apo-Sironar S 240mm f/5.6
Ilford FP4+ 8x10
½” f/45
15mm front fall, and lots of front tilt (possibly a bit too much in fact but in a bit of a hurry!)

Stearman SP810, Pyrocat HD 2:2:100, 15’36, 21ºC, N+1 development
Acetic acid stop, TF-4 Fix, hypoclear, wash, Ilfotol rinse