Felixstowe on a Chroma Carbon Adventure

Ian Grant

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Nice one, it wouldn't work with a longer FL.

75mm LF lenses are lesscommon than 65mm but actually more practical, I bought my first a 75mm f8 SA around 15 years ago and it's been the standard lens on my 6x17 camera. The downside of a 65mm lens is for 5x4 the light fall off at the edges and corners ias quite noticeable but with care you can dodge when printing B&W, but you definitely need a Centre filter for Colour work, and there's little or no room for movements, having said that I've made some excellent images with my 65mm f8 SA.

By chance I found an excellent 75mm f5.6 SA (Super Angulon) at a bargain price about 5 years ago, with B&W light fall off at the edges and corners is barely noticeable, it would be with colour E6 though as it is with 90mm lenses but with this FL only just. I was lucky to find two bargain priced Centre ND filters just before lockdown early 2020.



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Hi Ian,

I am enjoying using the camera and lens combination although do have the 65mm too, hopefully, weather allowing will go out on Sunday. I did manage to pick up a centre filter (used on this shot) along with a graduated ND. It was very windy though, definitely a challenge to get the shot while balancing on the rocks.

All good fun :)