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Dec 24, 2021
I have the Intrepid enlarger kit, but i modded it so I could use it on my Intrepid Mk4 Black 4x5 as my 4x5 enlarger. I did a quick mod on my 4x5 so I could focus it from the bottom and not over stretch my self trying to focus a large print using the camera's focusing wheel.

This camera is now my 4x5 enlarger, which also allows me to print my 6.45,6x7,and 6x9 formats, I looked at buying the intrepid film mask's from Intrepid but having a 3d printer I made my own mask's saving £60.00.

Well today i made my first 12x16 print from this setup using the filters built in to the intrepid timer/controller. I ended up split grading this print and I must say the intrepid timer/controller makes this easy with the built in filters. I Have never used this paper before Ilford warm tone matte but i really like it.

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soupdragon this is the mod I did to the focusing thread. I had an old Optima 6 enlarger base and column so just used this to mount the camera.


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Just so I understand.
That is your camera and lens at the top.
What are you using as a light source and diffuser?
Soupdragon yes 4x5 camera plus my 150mm lens. If you look on here, they sell the kit, its slightly different to my kit now though. I don't see it listed. When they first came out I just bought the compact enlarger controller with light box, the 4x5 mask, but for some reason they do not do that kit now. My one was a very early kit.
The light box would not fit on my 4x5 camera when the ground glass was removed, it was slightly to wide to slide in. With it being plastic I just filed it down to fit in the graflex channel. I only use it on the 4x5 so no issue.