Great Coxwell Tithe Barn

James T

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A first attempt at developing with Bergger PMK, hoping it would tame the runaway highlights in the doorway (on the Soligor spot meter the North door was reading about 13.5, and the ridge about 3.5 [an average of the somewhat lit rafters and the shaded regions between]). Both shot on HP5+ with the Intrepid 5x4 MK3.5 and a Fujinon 135mm lens and developed in Bergger PMK 1+2+100 10mins @ 24°C.
Looking North:
1s, f/22
Looking South:
1s, f/16

Ian Grant

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There's a surprisingly high level of flare for a modern lens which isn't helping. The image looking South has detail in the area outside the door and in the darkroom I'd use flashing to bring out the detail there. Without flare the second image would work.