Greetings from Hants


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Bruce here in Fleet, Hampshire. (Yes, the services on the M3).

I’ve got more cameras than I can use and have become a bit of a kit-hound, always looking for the next different way to take pictures.
I think LF will be my next adventure but right now I don’t have anything worthy of the name.
I’m hoping to pick up some pointers on what I should be looking for, to avoid a clumsy, pricey mistake.
And if I do take the plunge, I shall nag you all for hints and bore you with my photos.
Thanks in advance

David M

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I share your weakness for having too much kit. Fleet is a pleasant town. My wife was born there
The general advice for new LF-ers seems to boil down to getting something fairly soon, to get your foot on the ladder (or in the door) which will clarify what you really want to do and what you need to do it. Others here will have much better and more specific advice.
We shan't be bored by your photos.

Jonathan Woods

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Welcome! A fellow Hampshire (Southampton) member here :)

Definitely get started. Experience is crucial, as it guides what you need, and the advice can be much more tailored that way. Are you thinking of 5x4 or larger?

Ian Grant

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Welcome, it's worth meeting up with someone who already shoots LF to get some ideas on what equipment you feel you want. Of course that's not so easy at the moment.