Moorse Whole-Plate Tailboard camera circa ~1877

Paul Kay

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[Probably a] New Folding Camera made by Moorse of 154 High Holborn, WC see for the actual camera. I bought this as a project after it had been split from the lens by a dealer. Sadly I have too much to do and its going to sit. Needs restoration but is a beautifully constructed camera. I have some brass ready for the struts (included). Side pieces have been fitted previously but need better polishing, bellows needs attention and new ground glass is required. A 5" x 4" back could be made and fitted relatively easily making it very usable too. All are quite possible and its a reasonably early camera without being too costly. Looking for £120 plus shipping at cost. May have lenses of similar vintage to fit it too.Moorse 01.jpgMoorse 02.jpgMoorse 03.jpg