Mounting a digital Camera on a Sinar P2


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Just as a matter of interest, to all. I am at present, fitting a "Focusing Slide" to the back standard, of my Sinar P2, (Which I have just bought, from Ebay) It is to do the same job, as Sinar's, "P-SLR", which has a crazy price, even "Used"! (Nearly £800) I will mount my Canon 6D camera, on this, which will enable me, to have the "Sensor Plane" of the Canon, (as opposed to the "Film Plane" if using film) at the exact position, so as to still use the "Two Point" focusing, of the "Sinar". I have also, just bought, a Sinaron Digital 55mm Lens, which is corrected for use, with "Sensor's". I did, do this before, but just mounted the Canon, on a lens board (Fitted tho the back Standard), but the Sensor plane, was way back, from where it needed to be, so no where near "Good enough"!. Hope that this "Makes sense", to all, but,if anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask!