New cut film holders sourced

Jeremy Greenaway

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Having acquired seven 9x12 plate holders in excellent condition for my VN, the search was on for some sheet film inserts. Fleabay didn't come up with anything, but I discovered trawling through the internet a company called Alternative Photographic Supplies - based in Poland. Now, I've had several bits and bobs from Polish sellers including a Componon-S enlarging lens virtually as new and a 300mm f4.5 Novoflex follow-focus trigger grip lens both of which were very reasonably priced and delivered within a few days.
To cut to the chase, Alternative Photo Supplies had a listing for LF film sheaths to order and confirmed they could supply. So at - to me - a reasonable €7.52 each inc tax (seven quid with our current echange rate) I bought six. They arrived today and are excellent, newly made black enamelled steel jobbies which fit the venerable Voightlander PFHs perfectly.
The web address is: and they have a wondrous range of gear from chemicals to kit, including stuff for, as you might expect, Alternative processes. The prices are all in sterling, and site is in English. Proprietor is Radoslaw Brzozowski and they're based in the shipbuilding city of Gdynia.