Orchid TMAX 100 Test


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A few yeas ago, Martin gave me some sheets of 5x4 TMAX 100 film as he didn't seem to care for it and it's been sat in the fridge ever since. Its expiry date was 2013 but that didn't worry me because its been cool stored. I decided to test a sheet to see how it performed in Pyrocat HD.

For the subject, I chose an orchid plant and placed it outside, some of the plant was in full sunlight and some was in open shade with a dark green hedge in the background.
To make life simple, I used an incident meter and took a reading of the light falling across the sunlit petals, another reading from the open shade and made an exposure of the average of the two readings at an ISO rating of 80.

For the development time, I gave it a full 16 minutes with 3-4 agitations every minute at 20°c

Digital Output:
For the digital output, I scanned the negative on an Epson V800 scanner at a resolution of 3200ppi as a Linear Scan using Vuescan software and did the Linear - Greyscale conversion using the ColorPerfect Photoshop Plugin.