Southwark Cathedral

David M

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Southwark Cathedral.
HP5+ rated 200. Exposures 4-8 minutes at f32. Horseman Woodman camera. 90mm f8 Super Angulon.
Someone is resting in the South Aisle shot, but I've left him in. The doorway is cropped slightly.

South Aisle








Ian Grant

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Excellent. Shame about those legs in the first shot but if cropped you'd lose the composition but such is life.

Reminds me of shooting the Stadium at Aphrodisias a few years ago with my 617 camera and 75mm lens and getting my wife's knees in the edge of the image :D


David M

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Thank you.
I suppose I could clone out the feet, but I've come to like them. The owner of the legs must have sat down as I was waiting for someone else to move from between the middle pillar and the iron candle holder. They weren't on the GG when I was focusing. You can just about make out another ghost in front of the alter rails in the Nave shot.
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