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In a previous thread I mentioned about developing some TMAX-400 in PyrocatHD for 12 minutes which to the naked eye looked awful.

This was the second sheet from the same development and after looking at the first one, I just tossed this one to one side, very close to but not actually in the waste paper bin. Today, I decided to re-fix the sheet in fresh fixer which this time more or less fully removed the purple dye. The negative suddenly brought on a new appearance so I decided to scan it.

Shame about clipping the bottom of the font base off but my back was literally against the rear wall and the 90mm was at full rise.



David M

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That looks fine. Don't mind the base of the font. After all, the picture has to stop somewhere. You've controlled the windows very well.

Added later: I must go and check my own fixer. Thank you.
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